We at Quick Quote Movers can get your things packed, moved and installed at the place of destination without you having to lift a thing! Our movers are professionals who have been doing this for years, and we pride ourselves when we say that we have packed and moved almost every household item imaginable! From king size beds to grand pianos, we have successfully packed, moved and installed them all!

The task of finding the right local moving service can be quite tedious, and choosing the first moving company that comes to mind is risky business. You have to do your homework and compare providers.

Finding the right local movers who possess all the ideal qualities you are looking for may sound too good to be true but we at Quick Quote Movers have developed the perfect customer experience for being in the business for decades!

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We guarantee great service from the moment you call us for your free quote to the moment you start living in your new space. Our professional movers have been in the business for years, and we at Quick Quote Movers make sure to provide the best service possible. All of our experts are trained to be courteous, respectful and friendly because customer satisfaction is our 2nd priority right next to safety. From the phone call to the end of the service, our professionals will make you feel at home even if you are really moving to a new place.


We at Quick Quote Movers understand the value of material belongings and make it a point to deliver all items that get on our trucks with safety first in mind. We bubble wrap, use up-to-date tools and train all of our local moving experts on the proper handling standard set by the expertise we have earned in years in the industry. We also make it a point to update you on your belongings and to drive at safe speeds no matter where we are heading. Your valuable possessions are what we have in mind when you avail a local move service for us, no matter the time, no matter the distance.


Living in a new home is usually a milestone for most of us due to the time spent in preparing and the financing that goes into it. We understand this which is why we make it a point to also set manageable quotes for our customers who are looking for local movers. This by far sets us out from the competition since most local movers out there will quote you heavily. We offer affordable pricing ultimately based on the distance traveled and no other! Our priority is always to get your things to where you need them to be in the easiest and most affordable way.

We at Quick Quote Movers also work with the biggest insurance companies in Greenville, SC. We’re not saying that insurance is needed when you acquire our service but we made it a point to partner with the biggest companies for your peace of mind. This ensures that we can deliver our best service and that every piece of valuable items you have is safe from anything!



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